Keep Your $4,000,000 Investment and Make More than a McDonald’s Franchise IMMEDIATELY! Introducing the FASTEST Way to 7-FIGURES...

Look. Entrepreneurs for decades have been jumping on a supposedly “sure thing,” and investing in a brand-name franchise...

...To the tune of 4 MILLION BUCKS for a prime Hertz location.

And once you’re “in”’re up to your neck because they gouge you for up to 20% royalty fees... month after month, decade after decade... depending on the franchise.

Sure, you’ll see a profit, after you bust your butt to break even for a year or two.

And let’s say you sell the farm and ante up for a McDonald’s franchise...

Say goodbye to your family and friends when you hear the “clank” of the cuffs on your wrists.

And plan to sleep with a burger for your pillow for the foreseeable future.

But why bother?

Instead, how’d you like to have a MORE lucrative NO-franchise, franchise...with NO employees, NO infrastructure, NO bricks and mortar, pay NO royalties...

...Make money IMMEDIATELY while you keep EVERYTHING for yourself and work part-time from anywhere in the world?


If you’re serious and decide EMAIL ALCHEMY III is for you, I’ll give you everything you need for an A-to-Z business — where YOU are now the A-list copywriter and elite marketing strategist...


YOU still deliver what no one else can... the fastest, cheapest, most lucrative marketing campaign for your clients!

And it’s ALL DONE FOR YOU...

  • The irresistible client-attracting marketing campaign from EMAIL ALCHEMY II, which gives you irrefutable PROOF you can deliver unparalleled marketing in any niche…
  • PLUS, with new clients in the palm of your hand, you get the actual EMAIL ALCHEMY CAMPAIGNS themselves — original, fill-in-the blank TEMPLATES that extract 5 and 6 -figure paydays from your ecstatic client’s list!

So again, you’ll get everything from EMAIL ALCHEMY Track II... including the 16-week training… the amazing $21,200 value, Done-4-You client-attracting marketing package… the book of proof… all of the other complimentary courses, the UNLIMITED E-MAIL ACCESS to me as your mentor and guide (so you’re never on your own)...

AND...  a monthly stream of 15 pre-done, resalable EMAIL ALCHEMY TEMPLATES for each campaign that you deliver to clients as YOUR OWN and charge them a mint.

But remember, you are NOT an affiliate or selling some sleazy repackaged private label trash.

You’re customizing each campaign with ME at your side, guiding your every move through the EMAIL ALCHEMY training with your unlimited 16-weeks of email access to me.

In other words, you now have, at your fingertips...

To clarify even further...

You'll be able to IMPLEMENT IMMEDIATELY at an elite level... and do it in a fraction of the time it would take you to execute the campaigns from scratch (even faster than pro copywriters!). 

Seriously, this is insane... now anyone with a sincere interest and a burning desire to make money creating EMAIL ALCHEMY campaigns for other businesses, can literally disregard the 10,000-hour rule for achieving excellence, and jump into this wonderful and highly-lucrative business TOMORROW.

I repeat: You DO NOT have to be a great writer!

EMAIL ALCHEMY III gives you a push-button, fill-in-the-blanks ability to easily create cash-pulling emails for making serious bank from other people’s lists.

Here's how it works...

At this time, I'm taking just 20 PEOPLE... by application only... so if you're accepted, you can start going through the EMAIL ALCHEMY programs immediately!

Then 4 weeks from your acceptance into the program, after you've had a chance to orient yourself to the training… play with some of the limited-license templates that are already there in the EMAIL ALCHEMY I member's area… and get your legs with the whole idea… I will populate the Track III member's area with the first rock 'em, sock 'em resalable campaign for you to hit the streets.

(NOTE: The templates in EMAIL ALCHEMY I are NOT for resale, but for your own business ONLY)

By that time you may already have your first client...  or be well on your way to having them... remember, this is a no brainer for the business owner, very little risk for them... you'll have tons of proof to share with them that it works... and now you'll have 15 sizzling hot emails for raking in the dough on your first deal.

Show me that you can adapt them and I will even accredit you as a Daniel Levis Certified, EMAIL ALCHEMIST for hire. You can put that on your business card and on your website and it will be even easier to attract clients, in fact…

I may even REFER CLIENTS TO YOU when I get requests (I’m very selective and just don’t have the time or the desire to work with every client who bangs on my door).

And relax, EMAIL ALCHEMY II is “time released,” the modules open up two weeks apart, so you don't drown in the training... but if you're an aggressive EMAIL ALCHEMY III go-getter...

I’ll make an exception if you can make a good case that it won't overwhelm you. Then we'll open everything up to you immediately.   

That way you can get accredited quickly and literally collect a deposit from a customer this month and begin executing their campaign with that first sequence of 15 templates...

Then a month later, a new pack of 15 templates will appear in the member's area and you can do it again.

PLUS... you can be on continuity and every single month from that point forward you'll get a new red-hot, never-before-seen EMAIL ALCHEMY campaign to resell.

When you have this capability and you learn the ropes with me over the next 16 weeks... you will have a “duplicatable and leveragable” system...


That’s right, I’ve blazed the trail for you and you ride my coattails (you've got my book of proof from EMAIL ALCHEMY II and you can get my endorsement).

There’s NO MARKETING MOJO REQUIRED! And no “getting the word out” either... that's all taken care of...  and once you've learned the ropes, why do all (or any) of the actual work yourself?

You can easily hire a copy cub who's going through the AWAI course or on e-lance or oDesk to do it for you. And if you're going to have one of them, why not 5 or 10?

This is like buying a McDonald’s franchise... except you don't need to put up $300,000 to $750,000 non-borrowed CASH, before they will even consider your application. And that's just 40% of the typical investment in just one outlet.

And honestly, what I'm delivering here has every bit as much earning potential as owning one of these franchises... when you leverage it.

Imagine having a stable of copy cubs doing the work for you... how many $20,000... $30,000... $50,000 or even a hundred thousand dollar campaigns could you handle?

And if you’re a decent manager, why not 10 deals a month?

Even if you know how to write and love to write... why wouldn't you “duplicate yourself”?

You can either increase your income... or just work less!

Even if you're already involved in another business or trapped in a full-time job... this is so leveraged you could do it part time and STILL earn another full-time income.

And if you like, you can transition into doing only EMAIL ALCHEMYfull time when it takes off... then you can pour more of your time and energy into it and really swing for the fences.

It's the perfect high-leverage entrepreneurial vehicle... very simple and elegant...

1)    LEAD GENERATION — a simple website and an autoresponder... maybe hiring a  letter shop if you implement the lumpy mail campaigns... maybe you do webinars, or meet people at conferences... so much of this automated... strategy and copy for EVERYTHING is already done for you.

Here are your instructions:  Insert...Key...In...Lock...Then...Turn...Key!

2)    CLIENT MANAGEMENT — Qualifying and closing an opportunity. I give you all of the training for this... minimum time required when you follow the A-to-Z SYSTEM I've laid out for you.

3)    CREATING THE EMAILS — normally, this is the hard and time-consuming part. But with the resalable Templates, it can be done in a fraction of the time… and you can easily hire copy cubs to do it for cheap.

There are literally tens of thousands of business owners out there right now DESPERATE for this... DESPERATE for more cash-flow... DESPERATE for more customers and clients... DESPERATE for someone to come in and relieve the stress and struggle and show them the way…

YOU will be their white knight in shining armor bearing salvation... in the form of a risk-free, one-of-a-kind, no-brainer solution...

And you will have the horsepower to make them happy as a clam, just as happy and ready to refer you as all of the EMAIL ALCHEMY clients in the case studies I’ll give you to convince them you’re golden.

There’s really no limit to how many of these clients you can handle with the powerful tool-set I'm making available here. You can go solo... build a team... or build an empire.

If you can't make money doing this just can't make money in business, period!

So what's the investment?


It does me very little good to have you invest in EMAIL ALCHEMY III and sit on it. If you don't get off your butt and go out there and get clients and start earning a steady stream of significant cash with this it's going to cost me a fortune and I’m too greedy for that!

In other words, you won't stay in continuity for even a month!

That’s why I'm looking for the 20 most ambitious candidates… the real go-getters who are going to go for the gold and stay in continuity for years... so we make a mint TOGETHER!

And frankly, I don't want shady or flaky people out their sullying my name and the EMAIL ALCHEMY brand. I also don't want anyone spending their last dime on this or putting themselves into unmanageable levels of debt.

So as far as your “skin in the game”...

We've already established that EMAIL ALCHEMY II is a $27,000 value. Yet, here you're getting resalable templates, easily worth an additional $10,000 a piece.

AND, you have a chance to become "accredited", that's worth at least another $3,000. So that's a $50,000 stock value. And totally worth it because we're talking 7-FIGURE TURN-KEY INCOME potential here, comparable to a $1.5 million dollar franchise.

But as a package, EMAIL ALCHEMY III is yours for just $25,000, plus $8,000 a month optional continuity.

So here's the deal...

You put a thousand dollars down today and we hop on the phone for a half hour to see if we're a good fit... to see if the chemistry is right and that you have the qualities I prize above all others. And those two qualities are: strength and integrity.

To me, these things are KING, much more important than how smart you are, how skilled you are, or what kind of connections you have.

I want to work with people with strong character... people who do what they say they are going to do — NO IFS, NO ANDS, NO BUTS.

So be prepared, I WILL ask you questions, and you WILL ask me questions, and at the end of our half hour conversation, if either of us DOES NOT think we're a good fit for each other, your $1,000 will be immediately refunded and we'll part friends.

If BOTH of us agree that we're a good fit for each other, you’ll simply invest another $10,000 (a miniscule fraction of the Hertz franchise I mentioned earlier), then 2 more monthly payments of $7,000 and you're a full-fledged, Daniel Levis accredited EMAIL ALCHEMIST, assuming you show me you can adapt an email to my satisfaction. And as I said, it's drop-dead easy. 

Like EMAIL ALCHEMY II, there is no guarantee with this. I’m that serious.

And if you default on any of the payments you lose your license to use any of the templates. You will still be licensed to use the Track II material however, because you will have paid for it anyway.

Starting month three, you will also be on negative-option continuity at $8,000 a month (cancel anytime) and you will continue to receive a brand new, fresh set of 15 hot-off-the press EMAIL ALCHEMYtemplates each-and-every month!

You may find you have a glut of templates at some point and decide to cancel and that's perfectly fine. You can even take a break and then rejoin at a later date.

In addition, I appreciate loyal customers, so if you have already invested in Email Alchemy Track I or II, I will rebate those purchases against your investment in Track III, to a maximum of $2,000. As soon as you're approved, my staff will adjust your future payments by that amount.

So if you’re ready to apply, go ahead and book your half hour call by giving me your details below.

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"Scaled to a Mid 6-Figure Turnover Within 4 Months..."

“I had heard about Daniel’s work though my association with Ryan Levesque and Brian Kurtz, and have always been keen to develop my copy and marketing skills even further after I launched my own agency in the health & fitness space.

Not only did it give me an excellent system to model my own work on, it helped me add massive value to my clients as conversions simply went up. The fact of the matter is, the ‘done for you’ templates and systems allowed my team to scale rapidly, yet all the while developing a valuable asset in the strength of our email marketing.

Another added bonus was the business element of the course, which gave me financially valuable ideas that we were able to leverage immediately, and within 4 months we had scaled to a mid-6 figure turnover with relative ease.

If you are looking for as close to a ‘business in a box’ I would recommend you dive in and buy all three tracks, and shortcut your way to success.

Not only did it allow me to be very successful in my niche, but has secured me a partnership with one of America’s top marketers to boot.

So for me, my team and my clients - a win/win/win"

Dan Meredith, The Fitness Copywriter

"First Deal in the Bag.
$8k Deposit with 30% Rev Share."

Hey Daniel!

It's been one full work week since I became an Email Alchemy Track 3 member and I thought you might like to know what I've been up to?

Over the weekend I scheduled 3 meetings straight away.

2 were from ONE post I made on my personal FB page and I scheduled 1 meeting by reaching out to a current client.

1st meeting on Wednesday: First deal in the bag. $8k deposit with 30% rev share. Estimating $80k to $100k in gross sales which would be $30k rev share on my end. Easiest sale of the year.

2nd meeting on Wednesday: Really great fella, but his list was just a little too small for it to work, but he nearly begged me to take him on as a client. He's got a couple launches coming up and his list size will grow, so I told him to reach out to me after the launches.

3rd meeting on Friday: (Full disclosure: this is a current consulting client) DEAL!!! $10k deposit in 2 installments. 30% rev share. This client will more than likely hire me for 4 or 5 promotions in the next year. I am intimate with this clients numbers and this will likely be a $100k per year client.

What's REALLY hitting me I project each client will generate $100k per year in rev share...and they'll be doing a jig too because this is all found money for them:-)

Travis Sago

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